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BeckiJo has been begging people to let her entertain them since she was a child. She used to slip away from her Dad at the grocery store to put on impromptu musicals in the Deli section for unsuspecting shoppers!


If you need a story told, a laugh to land, an event to host, BeckiJo is your woman. She will confidently tackle the project with love, energy, and commitment.


Entertaining is her life, let BeckiJo share her talents with you.


Current cast member at Esther's Follies. Click on the IMDB button for a list of BeckiJo's past shows.

Looking for new talent to star in your next film? You found her!

Stranger Things Parody Sketch. Styled by


Bringing a little fun and entertainment to any event.

Does your event need an emcee who can think on her feet, entertain the crowd, and make guests feel welcome? BeckiJo brings the laughter and fun to any professional event. 


Show Host

Host of Comedians Interviewing Musicians. A popular weekly live streaming show featuring Austin musicians produced by Music Firsthand.

Need a high-energy, fun, and goofy host for your podcast, web series, or vodcast? BeckiJo's your gal!

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